Accounting Firms: 6 reasons to make Platterz your one-stop shop this Tax Season

Accounting Firms: 6 reasons to make Platterz your one-stop shop this Tax Season

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“We view Tax Season as “Before Platterz” and “After Platterz.” Everything is just so much easier, so much faster, and we just never have to worry anymore.”
– Bernie McGrade, Crowe Soberman

For accountants and bookkeepers, we know how stressful Tax Season can be. But we also know it can be just as stressful for the person in charge of ordering food for the office every day throughout these tense months.

Ensuring food is delicious and nutritious, portion sizes are big enough, dietary restrictions are met, and providing variety daily are just a few of the many considerations during Tax Season.

At Platterz we’ve designed a solution to be your one-stop catering shop that can cut down 90% of the time you waste ordering, save money, and eliminate countless headaches. You have a lot on your plate during Tax Season, let us do the hard work for you!

Here are 6 reasons you’ll love Platterz this Tax Season:

1. Schedule weeks in advance & edit orders on the fly

Just like accountants, we’re all about efficiency at Platterz. If you already know what you want, Platterz lets you seamlessly schedule orders for entire weeks or months at a time without being charged until the day the food arrives.

If you need to change the number of people for your event after scheduling the order, you can edit it anytime, even the morning of!

2. Dedicated Personal Concierge to help you at every step

Our turnkey office catering platform lets you browse and order from 250+ of Toronto’s top restaurants and caterers, but if you ever need help placing one or multiple orders, your dedicated Personal Concierge will always be there to assist.

Tired of dealing with different people every time you order? We value the importance of only having to deal with one person at all times. Your Personal Concierge gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always have someone to ensure all your orders go smoothly.

3. Food to fit any meal or budget from 250+ Toronto restaurants & caterers

Whether you’re interested in providing conventional meals for your team such as breakfast, lunch or dinner, or you’re seeking something more specific like appetizers, desserts, sandwiches or salads, we have the right selection no matter what you’re seeking.

Eating the same thing every day gets old fast. Platterz is the only service in Toronto that gives you access to over 150 of Toronto’s top restaurants and caterers to choose from, so there’s always something new to try!

4. Expert advice & curated menus

Not sure what to order and need some suggestions? Let our catering experts curate the perfect menu based on your specific needs for all meals and events.

This isn’t our first Tax Season, so you can be sure the advice you’re receiving has been researched and tested thoroughly to give you the most optimal curated menus.

5. Family-style meals give you the greatest value

Have you been ordering individual portions for your office the past few Tax Seasons and found the process to be a major hassle as well as a costly one?

This year, make the switch to Platterz family-style meals. You’ll get the most bang for your buck and give yourself a lot less to worry about so you can focus on other important tasks.

6. Track food spending in one convenient location – paperlessly

Working with accountants, you know better than anyone the importance of organized billing systems. Platterz SpendTracker was designed to give your CFO total control of food spending like never before.

Platterz SpendTracker

Platterz SpendTracker

SpendTracker helps you track food spending throughout Tax Season and the rest of the year. Access spend reports in real-time and view all paid and unpaid invoices in one place that can be downloaded at your convenience.

And if those 6 reasons aren’t enough, see what your peers in the industry have to say about us!

Last Tax Season we worked closely with office staff to feed hungry employees at some of the top accounting firms in Toronto, such as Crowe Soberman, Zeifmans and Stern Cohen.
Bernie McGrade, Supervisor of Facilities & Offices Services at Crowe Soberman, had tried everything under the sun over the 20 years he’s been involved with ordering food for the office. It wasn’t until he used Platterz last year that he found a solution that revolutionized the way he orders for every following Tax Season.
“We used to order from a lot of these vendors on our own, but now having it all in one place just makes a tremendous difference. There really hasn’t been one dinner that we haven’t liked so far.”
– Bernie McGrade, Crowe Soberman

 Ready to let Platterz take care of all your catering needs this Tax Season? Contact us now!

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