The 5 Online Tools Every Office Admin Needs in 2017

The 5 Online Tools Every Office Admin Needs in 2017

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Staying on top of a project with several moving parts is never easy. But office admins do it every day – and when the moving parts are employees, things can get even tougher.

Good software helps, but with so many options available, how do you begin to choose?

Fortunately, there are helpful and easy-to-use technology solutions that can help you stay organized and increase productivity.

Below is a list of 5 tried-and-true tools you can access straight from your browser for a trouble-free 2017.

1. Say goodbye to paper invoices with Due

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Tired of dealing with paper invoices? Leave them behind for good by switching to Due, which makes collecting and making payments from any device painless.

Smart features help you stay on top of invoice statuses, automate recurring invoices, and process funds from payments faster.

Beyond efficiency, Due keeps things flexible and safe – so whether you and your clients are using debit, credit, or account funds, financial data is encrypted and secure.

2. Never forget a password again with LastPass

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LastPass is a Google Chrome extension that packs a big punch for the office admin who has enough to remember as it is.

Use it as a vault to securely store passwords and share them among office employees.

Save even more time by storing payment information or addresses to populate forms in a single click.

3. Manage Projects in Taskworld

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Taskworld lets you organize office projects, break them into delegated tasks, chat with team members, and track progress in one seamless interface.

Google Drive and Dropbox integration make it easy to share files amongst team members, and smart features like task-based document management keep even the organizationally-impaired up to snuff.

4. Stay connected to your customers with Insightly

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As an admin, you know that diligent customer relationship management is vital to the health of your company. If you’re still stuck using a spreadsheet to track leads and partners, you’re risking oversight on valuable members of your community, and on useful data.

Insightly streamlines CRM by organizing contact information and opportunities in one place.

Generate reports and mass email templates in-app, and take advantage of Insightly’s neat integrations for email and social media to keep correspondence and contacts’ content in a single interface.

5. Keep employees well-fed and productive with Platterz


When employees are happy, productivity soars and office culture thrives.

Keep your team well-fed and content with Platterz, a free office catering platform that lets you easily order shareable food for your team from hundreds of top restaurants and caterers.

With awesome features like customized menus that can accommodate all dietary preferences, advanced order scheduling, and online invoice tracking, sharing an office lunch has never been so satisfying – or so effortless.

Have you had experience using these tools? Do you have other favourite tools you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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