5 Diverse Dishes to Celebrate Canada’s 150 Years!

5 Diverse Dishes to Celebrate Canada’s 150 Years!

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Canada Day is fast approaching, with people from coast to coast gathering on July 1st to celebrate 150 years of kindness, diversity, maple syrup, and – of course – our beautiful landscape. It’s the perfect occasion for a celebration at your office, so we at Platterz HQ have compiled our top picks for Canadian-themed dishes that promise to be a hit!

1. Maple Whiskey Glazed Salmon by McEwan


Order Maple Whiskey Glazed Salmon from McEwan

Serve your office a dish that’s quintessentially Canadian in a subtler way with this healthy, hearty entree by McEwan. Maple syrup adds the perfect amount of natural sweetness, and it’s served with a side salad of your choice and freshly baked bread. Yum!

2. Poutine by King Catering

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Order Poutine from King Catering

What would a list of Canadian dishes be without poutine? King Catering’s take is as carefully-crafted as it is authentic, with hand-cut russet fries, cheese curds, savoury house-made gravy, and your choice of toppings like barbecued chicken and bacon.

3. The Canadian by Kanga


Order The Canadian from Kanga

This Canadian flavour-inspired creation from Kanga features juicy pieces of ale-braised steak and bacon, all enveloped in their signature flakey pastry. It’s as original as it is delicious, and your team will thank you!

4. Nanaimo Bar by Dufflet


Order Nanaimo Bar from Dufflet 

This B.C.-hailing dessert (among other things!) makes us proud to be Canadian. With a chocolate coconut crust topped with vanilla custard and dark chocolate, serving a platter of Nanaimo Bars at your Canada Day event is sure to get mouths watering.

5. Revol Catering‘s BBQ Menu 


Order from Revol Catering’s BBQ Menu 

There’s nothing quite as Canadian as gathering around a grill to enjoy good company and the great outdoors, and Revol’s BBQ Menu was made for a Canadian celebration. Aside from BBQ staples made to perfection – racks of ribs, signature smoked pulled pork, souvlaki, and more – Revol offers a Canadian-themed side salad complete with deep red greens, white toppings like kidney beans and white cheddar, and a tangy dressing.


As always, our team can work with you to customize everything from the menu to the on-site details – whatever you need to throw an amazing Canada Day event. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help!

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