It’s Not Just A Fling: How To Improve Your Office’s Culture This Summer

It’s Not Just A Fling: How To Improve Your Office’s Culture This Summer

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Summer is in full force – and with it, the often torturous FOMO that comes with having to look out the office window at settings much more appealing than computer monitors and whiteboards. When your team is daydreaming about trading in their slacks for bathing suits and laying out in the sun, it can make it difficult for them to be fully present and have an impact on their performance.

As an admin, there’s a lot you can do to help your team avoid summer burnout in the office, and to keep employees excited about coming into work. Here are our favourite methods – and the great thing is, many of these can also apply year-round as general rules of thumb for keeping your whole team energized and ready to give their best!

1. Get out of the office 

breather-187923…And outside or into beautiful spaces like this one from Breather.

So all anyone in the office can think of is what’s on the other side of the door – but, of course, whether your company is big or small, it’s not necessarily feasible to put your operations on hold just to get a taste of the outdoors. The good news is, getting out of the office doesn’t have to mean ditching the work. Consider getting buy-in from your CEO or higher-up to plan an off-site day (we love using Breather) so that your whole team can get a change of environment. The physical change will invigorate your team, and might even inspire more creativity, helping them work better than ever. Can’t leave the office for a full day? There are even lower-resource ways you can take your work out of your cubicle – like scheduling team or client meetings that don’t require much equipment at a local coffee shop with a patio, or taking work that can be done offline to a nearby park or green space.  

2. Have a catered picnic 

lawaii4Opt for easy-to-bring meals that don’t sacrifice quality, like this tuna poké bowl from Lawai’a

Catered food for the office is always a good idea; from increasing employees’ loyalty to their company, to keeping them energized and working their best, there are plenty of benefits to having lunch taken care of by your company. With early mornings and the occasional late evening at work, there’s also no better time to get outside and take total advantage of the sunny summer weather than over your lunch break. Try encouraging your team to do so as a collective by ordering catered boxed lunches that are perfect to take outside, and organizing an office picnic. Here are just a few examples of dishes that are perfect to take outside for your next team lunch.

3. Hold a happy hour 

Food Dude0014Cheese Board by Pantry By The Food Dudes

Who hasn’t finished off a tough workday yearning for a nice, cold beverage? If it fits with your company’s policies, bring happy hour to your office as a weekly or biweekly event. It can be as simple as beer, wine, and a cheese platter – or you can jazz things up by treating your colleagues to ice-cold watermelon margaritas paired with finger foods.

4. Start a wellness initiative

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With summer tends to come another wave of awareness for health and wellbeing, but your colleagues might be having a hard time fitting in exercise and self-care between busy days at the office and the family commitments that always seem to pop up over the season. There are plenty of ways to help your team work in a wellness routine – whether it’s with an in-office yoga class, guided meditation, healthy juices and snacks, or even periodical massages (hey, it works for the big guys). Best part? You can convince your CEO by showing them the hard facts: employees who are taken care of physically and mentally work better and take fewer sick days, which saves your company big bucks.

5. Establish Flex Fridays


Getting out of the office early on a sunny Friday afternoon doesn’t have to be a dream, and there are lots of ways to do it depending on what works for your company. For example, letting out an hour early some Fridays to do something as a team, giving employees the option to leave a few hours early if they make up the time in advance throughout the week, or even giving them the option to telecommute. Asking your CEO or higher-up if some flexible Fridays can be established for your team is worth a try – it’ll help your employees feel appreciated and let them know that their employer values their personal lives.

6. Indulge

The Red Bench - Website-7 - Event Brochure[2]Ice Cream Sandwich by The Red Bench

Summer is all about rest, rejuvenation, and a sprinkle of hedonism – so it’s the perfect time to indulge in the occasional goody! Treat your team to an ice-cold sweet by bringing the ice cream truck to your office for a special occasion (or just on any old sundae Monday.) Platterz has plenty of options for ice cream at the office at any price point, so you can be on your way to delighting in a delicious, Instagram-worthy ice cream sandwich in no time.


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