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8 Steps To The Perfect Office Holiday Party

The perfect office holiday party: it’s equal parts anticipation, amazing food and drinks, atmosphere, and… well, amazing food and drinks. For many teams around the city, the annual holiday party is something that’s looked forward to for months in advance – so the pressure is on! Just kidding – planning a get together that your team will truly enjoy doesn’t have to be stressful – and we happen to know our way around planning a good party. Read on for our tips for a smooth planning process and an event that’ll bolster your office hero cred even more.

1. Set your budget


Let’s start with the basics: figuring out a budget for your party might not be the most exciting step of planning, but it’s essential to making sure you can make the magic happen (while keeping your office’s finance manager happy). The right figure or range will vary for every office, but whatever you set, make sure that you use your budget to guide your expectations. Some of the best parties are the most simple, so don’t get discouraged if your budget is a little tight!

2. Be realistic


If a full-blown party isn’t financially or logistically feasible for your team right now, that’s ok! Opting to take your team out for a nice holiday dinner & drinks (or for bigger companies, arranging for team managers to host their employees by department) can be just as exciting, and will work wonders for making them feel appreciated and building new memories together.

3. Set the time + place


Before you can figure out the other practicalities, you’ll need to finalize the venue so that you can be sure of the date of your event.

Start with the numbers: to figure out how many people are attending, if you’re planning for a smaller company, you may opt to send a Doodle or Typeform with a few options for dates to get a gauge of when most people are available. For larger companies, it’s best to assume that everyone is coming and make adjustments later if necessary. Another consideration when it comes to nailing down the date is that Thursday and Friday tend to be the most popular days of the week for corporate holiday parties, so choosing another day might end up helping you shave off some costs. Make sure to account for plus ones if you decide they’re welcome!


Use your number of attendees to build a vision of what the day of your party will look like. Do you want a big, open space for people to walk around, mingle, and sample hors d’oeuvres? A cozier venue with more of a sit-down vibe? The venue will be the main factor when it comes to the ambiance of your party, so do your research before settling. Holding the party in your office might not be optimal (chances are your team will be able to unwind and enjoy themselves best if the reminders of all they have to do before the end of the year aren’t in sight!) but if nothing else really works, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

4. Get people excited!


You know how it is: people tend to be super busy with family around the holidays, and nothing spoils the mood quite like a low turnout – so make sure to send out a save the date as soon as possible! We like keeping it simple with Google Calendar, but there are plenty of other great free options for sending invitations online, like Punchbowl.

This is also a good time to ask for attendees’ dietary restrictions, if you don’t already have them.

5. Pick the perfect menu


If your team is anything like ours, here’s the star of the show – the thing that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come. The one, the only: the food. Whether you want to keep things traditional with a roast-and-all-the-fixings type of meal, or you want to experiment with something modern and fresh like sushi, or a sampling trendy foods from around your city, Platterz has you covered. Browse through hundreds of caterers and restaurants or choose from customized meal recommendations on our website. Having trouble finding the *perfect* menu? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you make it happen.

6. Make sure the drinks are flowing


Obviously, celebratory drinks are in order for the occasion, and a full mobile bar service doesn’t have to break the bank. Enter Sip Bar. They can work with parties of almost any size to customize a selection of craft wine, beer, and spirits that’ll impress your guests and be the perfect complement to an evening of indulging in yummy food. Don’t stress about figuring out the quantities you should order, either; Sip Bar will work with you to help determine the right quantity of drinks for your event.

7. Keep your guests entertained


A Spotify playlist? A paid magician? How you choose to entertain your guests through the night will depend on your team’s taste, your budget, and how many more jokes by Jim-from-Legal’s-cousin-the-comedian you can tolerate. Make sure to think about what kind of ambiance you think fits your office dynamic, and choose something you think people would really enjoy! There’s no pressure to hire a DJ if you don’t think people will dance.

8. Save the memories


The final touch? Make sure that your attendees have a way to make the memories last! We’re planning on laying out a disposable camera at each table at our holiday party and letting our guests tell the story of the event themselves. You could also consider setting up a photo booth complete with hilarious holiday-themed props, so whether you choose to go to the professional or do-it-yourself route, you’re guaranteed photos that’ll be worthy of the office fridge.

Now that you’re all prepped with what you need for the perfect holiday party, let Platterz plan it for you! The best part? Services are complimentary. Book a consultation with our Event Specialists today to get started on the party of the season.

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5 Tips For Pulling Off A Lifestyle Photoshoot Like A Pro

Whether you’re in the business of software or sandwich-making (or both!), making sure your team has a great set of photos in their arsenal for branding and marketing can make a colossal difference for your company’s image. You’ve heard it before: a picture says a thousand words! Figuring out how to pull off a professional-looking collection of photos on a budget can be difficult – especially if it’s not your area of expertise – but there are a few simple steps you can take in order to make sure you have lots of great, usable shots for whatever your next project is. Today on the blog, we’re bringing you tried-and-true tips from our recent Platterz shoot for a successful photoshoot that will rival the pros’!

(Special thanks to our friends at Breather for supplying the beautiful space!)

1. Align on a vision and set goals

have a vision

We started off with some markers and lots of blank paper.

Before you do anything else, figure out what your specific objectives and goals are for the campaign. Do you want to have evergreen branded stock photos that you can reuse for everything from blog posts to greeting cards? Or, do you have a product in mind that you want to highlight through a marketing campaign? Start with an idea of the setting and ambiance you’re going for. Then, use this (and maybe some inspiration from stock photo sites like Unsplash or AdobeStock) to determine what specific sorts of shots you think would best communicate your ideas. 

Pro Tip: Our advice? Where possible, lifestyle shots will help your customers best imagine themselves using your product and relate to your brand. If it’s feasible, try to envision different scenarios where your customers might use your product or service – then go from there to determine what kinds of photos will best represent the feeling you want your product or service to evoke.

2. Plan ahead or plan to fail

plan ahead

For our shoot, we were lucky enough to enlist some of our trusty colleagues to act as models, which helped us cut costs.

Shoot days are notoriously stressful. You’ll want to do your best to eliminate all extra guesswork so that on the day of, so you can be fully present and ready to guide the rest of your team. That means planning everything well ahead of time to the best of your ability. Here are some things to consider:

  • Which props (and food, if necessary) will you need to create a realistic setting for your shots?
  • If you’re taking lifestyle photos, where will you enlist models or extras?
  • Will you be taking photos on-site at your office, or will you need to rent a studio or other space?
  • How will the schedule of your photoshoot day run?

The further ahead you consider all the details for your shoot, the easier it will be to craft solutions that are budget-friendly and don’t require you to pay a premium for last-minute planning.

Pro Tip: When creating the schedule for your photoshoot, make sure to give yourself a generous amount of time in between each shot. You’d be surprised at how much time it can take to make sure a photo is well-lit, your models are ready, and all the factors that go into making the perfect shot right at the same time. For reference, we budgeted about an hour and a half to set up, light, pose, and get at least 10 usable shots for each different setting.

3. Create a shot list

create a shot list

Our shot list and inspiration photos.

Creating a shot list will be key for communicating your ideas to everyone on both sides of the lens, and making sure that you’re staying focussed on executing your vision on schedule. Think about a variety of focal points and angles (again, using inspiration from other shoots can help!) and make a numbered list with sketches or a few words about what you’d like each photo to entail. There’s no need to get too specific, since you never know what the feeling of your set will be like until you’re seeing it in action, but having an idea of where to start shooting will be a huge help. This will help you create a realistic schedule to follow.

Pro Tip: Wide shots help avoid your frame looking crowded and will give you more flexibility of use once you have the finished product (think space for cropping, text and form overlays, etc.)

4. Enlist a professional

Our photographer, Clifton, helped us decide on realistic shots and made our vision come to life.

The smartest thing you can do if you’re already dedicating resources to executing a photoshoot is to invest in a professional behind the lens. As great as your Instagram shots might be, nothing beats professional lighting, high-quality equipment, and industry instinct. Above all, having a photographer on set will help ensure your project will actually be able to provide your company lots of value for years to come. As a professional, they have an eye for what’ll look good once it’s online or in print, and will be able to help guide you towards executing your vision. For us, this meant bringing the amazing Clifton Li onto our team for the day!

Pro Tip: Make sure to shop around for the right kind of photographer who can accommodate your needs and budget. Photographers have varying specialities and levels of experience, so pick one with relevant expertise – and take their advice! 

5. Feed the models


Yummy lunches for our hard-working models and set staff! 

Last but not least, making sure there’s food at your shoot might mean the difference between a day of cohesion and team effort, and a set full of hangry, stressed out colleagues. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! We made sure our models felt energized and appreciated by feeding them yummy, fresh food throughout the day (no sad bags of chips and cans of pop). Like in any work day, making time to eat will help you stay sharp and do your best, too!

Pro Tip: To avoid spending lots of time on cleanup or to accommodate for limited lunch-friendly space, try ordering individually boxed meals for your shoot! We went for delicious, nutrient-dense poké bowls from Lawai’a Poké, and our Catering Experts can help you find packaged meals for any cuisine or taste. Just get in touch

(Special thanks to our other wonderful vendors Mezes, Per Se Catering, and What A Bagel for providing the beautifully-photogenic food we needed to create our shots!)

Finally, at the end of a long day of shooting, make sure to take a moment to sit back and appreciate the results of all your hard work! Here’s how a few of our shots turned out:




Have any must-know photoshoot tips that we missed? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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5 Helpful Tips For Persuading Your Boss

Navigating office politics is unavoidable – and although sometimes it can feel inconvenient or awkward, mastering the art of persuasion is key for your success in any line of work.

So what can you do to make the strongest case to your higher-up? Today on the blog, we’ll give you the tools you need to convince your boss that ordering catered food for your team will add value to your company. But the great thing is that these tips are applicable across the board – whether you’re proposing a switch to a new kind of invoicing software, or requesting a raise.

1. Think Like A Boss


Whenever you’re trying to convince someone to adopt your point of view, it’s important to frame what you’re trying to achieve in terms of their goals. So ask yourself: what are your boss’s objectives? One might be that they want your team to thrive in terms of efficiency and morale. Others might be that they’d like to impress clients, create a good company image, or save money.

Whatever your boss’s goals are, make sure you keep them in mind when you introduce the idea of ordering food for the office.

For example, you could start by saying something like, “I know you’ve been working hard to try to economize on our team’s budget, so I’ve been doing some research…” or ”I know you’ve been working hard to offer our team more competitive perks…” That way, you make it immediately clear that what you’re suggesting benefits them in a tangible way. 

2. Be Specific


Any good leader will need concrete rationale before agreeing to spend budget on a new company initiative, so be specific. Try to match your boss or company’s goals and strategy to the benefits that feeding your team would provide.

For example, if the goal is to spend less time and money ordering catered food than you currently do, calculate an estimate of the impact it could have on this process. Remember, Platterz never charges convenience fees or markups – so you always get the lowest possible price for your food – and compared to traditional ways of ordering catered food, it reduces your ordering time by 90%. Hearing that you could save your office $1500 and 13 hours per quarter, for instance, is much more powerful than a vague-sounding promise.

3. Show ‘Em The Facts 


Aside from providing specific rationale for ordering food, coming prepared when you speak with your boss by referencing objective data and pointing to a few empirical studies can really help make your case. The impact of nutrition on workplace performance, for instance, is well-researched, so it might be worth mentioning that prioritizing providing your team with access to nutritious food will pay off in the long run. Plus, there’s evidence that the act of sitting down as a team and eating together, having a conversation, and building social connections can make for a more productive office, too! Pro tip: whatever evidence you choose to present, it’s a good idea to anticipate any questions or concerns your boss might have, and come prepared with appropriate solutions.

4. Point To Case Studies


It’s no secret that some of the most successful names across industries offer their employees perks – and while it might not be the right time for your company to build nap pods or hire an on-site masseuse, providing meals and snacks for your team can help make the same positive impact on their wellness, loyalty, and productivity. Make sure your boss knows that it’s no coincidence that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all provide their employees with free food daily.

5. Do A Low-Cost Experiment


If you can’t convince your higher-up to commit to ordering food regularly, try proposing a trial run. If it’s feasible, this might be what it takes for your boss to see that ordering food truly will add value to your team and bring the benefits you’ve presented!


Are there any tactics for persuasion that we missed? Let us know if you have any tried-and-true suggestions for convincing your boss – we’d love to hear them!

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It’s Not Just A Fling: How To Improve Your Office’s Culture This Summer

Summer is in full force – and with it, the often torturous FOMO that comes with having to look out the office window at settings much more appealing than computer monitors and whiteboards. When your team is daydreaming about trading in their slacks for bathing suits and laying out in the sun, it can make it difficult for them to be fully present and have an impact on their performance.

As an admin, there’s a lot you can do to help your team avoid summer burnout in the office, and to keep employees excited about coming into work. Here are our favourite methods – and the great thing is, many of these can also apply year-round as general rules of thumb for keeping your whole team energized and ready to give their best!

1. Get out of the office 

breather-187923…And outside or into beautiful spaces like this one from Breather.

So all anyone in the office can think of is what’s on the other side of the door – but, of course, whether your company is big or small, it’s not necessarily feasible to put your operations on hold just to get a taste of the outdoors. The good news is, getting out of the office doesn’t have to mean ditching the work. Consider getting buy-in from your CEO or higher-up to plan an off-site day (we love using Breather) so that your whole team can get a change of environment. The physical change will invigorate your team, and might even inspire more creativity, helping them work better than ever. Can’t leave the office for a full day? There are even lower-resource ways you can take your work out of your cubicle – like scheduling team or client meetings that don’t require much equipment at a local coffee shop with a patio, or taking work that can be done offline to a nearby park or green space.  

2. Have a catered picnic 

lawaii4Opt for easy-to-bring meals that don’t sacrifice quality, like this tuna poké bowl from Lawai’a

Catered food for the office is always a good idea; from increasing employees’ loyalty to their company, to keeping them energized and working their best, there are plenty of benefits to having lunch taken care of by your company. With early mornings and the occasional late evening at work, there’s also no better time to get outside and take total advantage of the sunny summer weather than over your lunch break. Try encouraging your team to do so as a collective by ordering catered boxed lunches that are perfect to take outside, and organizing an office picnic. Here are just a few examples of dishes that are perfect to take outside for your next team lunch.

3. Hold a happy hour 

Food Dude0014Cheese Board by Pantry By The Food Dudes

Who hasn’t finished off a tough workday yearning for a nice, cold beverage? If it fits with your company’s policies, bring happy hour to your office as a weekly or biweekly event. It can be as simple as beer, wine, and a cheese platter – or you can jazz things up by treating your colleagues to ice-cold watermelon margaritas paired with finger foods.

4. Start a wellness initiative

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

With summer tends to come another wave of awareness for health and wellbeing, but your colleagues might be having a hard time fitting in exercise and self-care between busy days at the office and the family commitments that always seem to pop up over the season. There are plenty of ways to help your team work in a wellness routine – whether it’s with an in-office yoga class, guided meditation, healthy juices and snacks, or even periodical massages (hey, it works for the big guys). Best part? You can convince your CEO by showing them the hard facts: employees who are taken care of physically and mentally work better and take fewer sick days, which saves your company big bucks.

5. Establish Flex Fridays


Getting out of the office early on a sunny Friday afternoon doesn’t have to be a dream, and there are lots of ways to do it depending on what works for your company. For example, letting out an hour early some Fridays to do something as a team, giving employees the option to leave a few hours early if they make up the time in advance throughout the week, or even giving them the option to telecommute. Asking your CEO or higher-up if some flexible Fridays can be established for your team is worth a try – it’ll help your employees feel appreciated and let them know that their employer values their personal lives.

6. Indulge

The Red Bench - Website-7 - Event Brochure[2]Ice Cream Sandwich by The Red Bench

Summer is all about rest, rejuvenation, and a sprinkle of hedonism – so it’s the perfect time to indulge in the occasional goody! Treat your team to an ice-cold sweet by bringing the ice cream truck to your office for a special occasion (or just on any old sundae Monday.) Platterz has plenty of options for ice cream at the office at any price point, so you can be on your way to delighting in a delicious, Instagram-worthy ice cream sandwich in no time.


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5 Diverse Dishes to Celebrate Canada’s 150 Years!

Canada Day is fast approaching, with people from coast to coast gathering on July 1st to celebrate 150 years of kindness, diversity, maple syrup, and – of course – our beautiful landscape. It’s the perfect occasion for a celebration at your office, so we at Platterz HQ have compiled our top picks for Canadian-themed dishes that promise to be a hit!

1. Maple Whiskey Glazed Salmon by McEwan


Order Maple Whiskey Glazed Salmon from McEwan

Serve your office a dish that’s quintessentially Canadian in a subtler way with this healthy, hearty entree by McEwan. Maple syrup adds the perfect amount of natural sweetness, and it’s served with a side salad of your choice and freshly baked bread. Yum!

2. Poutine by King Catering

king catering

Order Poutine from King Catering

What would a list of Canadian dishes be without poutine? King Catering’s take is as carefully-crafted as it is authentic, with hand-cut russet fries, cheese curds, savoury house-made gravy, and your choice of toppings like barbecued chicken and bacon.

3. The Canadian by Kanga


Order The Canadian from Kanga

This Canadian flavour-inspired creation from Kanga features juicy pieces of ale-braised steak and bacon, all enveloped in their signature flakey pastry. It’s as original as it is delicious, and your team will thank you!

4. Nanaimo Bar by Dufflet


Order Nanaimo Bar from Dufflet 

This B.C.-hailing dessert (among other things!) makes us proud to be Canadian. With a chocolate coconut crust topped with vanilla custard and dark chocolate, serving a platter of Nanaimo Bars at your Canada Day event is sure to get mouths watering.

5. Revol Catering‘s BBQ Menu 


Order from Revol Catering’s BBQ Menu 

There’s nothing quite as Canadian as gathering around a grill to enjoy good company and the great outdoors, and Revol’s BBQ Menu was made for a Canadian celebration. Aside from BBQ staples made to perfection – racks of ribs, signature smoked pulled pork, souvlaki, and more – Revol offers a Canadian-themed side salad complete with deep red greens, white toppings like kidney beans and white cheddar, and a tangy dressing.


As always, our team can work with you to customize everything from the menu to the on-site details – whatever you need to throw an amazing Canada Day event. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help!

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Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

On behalf of the entire Platterz team, we want to wish you a very happy Admin Professionals’ Day – cheers to you and everything you do!

As you may be aware, over the past week we ran our inaugural Get Pampered with Platterz giveaway. We’ll be surprising the lucky winners at their offices today to congratulate them in person! If you didn’t win or have the chance to enter this time, don’t fret, we have more awesome giveaways and surprises in store over the coming months. In addition, if you place your next order by this Friday, we’ll give you 10% off using promo code ADMINTHANKS at Checkout. 

We launched this initiative as part of our continued commitment to showing our gratitude to you, the true stars of the office.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of you, and have seen first-hand all the hard work, attention to detail, and level of care that goes into keeping your office in order.

For all these reasons, thank you! We, and the people who are touched by your work, are grateful for all your effort – not just on Admin Professionals’ Day, but every day.

When we started Platterz, we set out to achieve three primary objectives with you in mind:

  1. Simplify: Create a seamless experience tailored to make it as easy as possible for you to feed your office.
  2. Nurture: Cultivate long-lasting relationships and mutual trust with you, our valued customers.
  3. Innovate: Focus relentlessly on developing new, smart features that put your needs first.

A year and a half later, these priorities remain our guiding principles. We know your role is constantly evolving and we’re dedicated to playing a part in your success as you grow.

As always, please feel free to reach out at any time by emailing, and let us know how we can make your job easier – we love hearing from you.

Now stop reading and go celebrate – this is your day! 🙂


Eran & Yishay

Platterz Co-founders


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The 5 Online Tools Every Office Admin Needs in 2017

Staying on top of a project with several moving parts is never easy. But office admins do it every day – and when the moving parts are employees, things can get even tougher.

Good software helps, but with so many options available, how do you begin to choose?

Fortunately, there are helpful and easy-to-use technology solutions that can help you stay organized and increase productivity.

Below is a list of 5 tried-and-true tools you can access straight from your browser for a trouble-free 2017.

1. Say goodbye to paper invoices with Due

dueImage Source

Tired of dealing with paper invoices? Leave them behind for good by switching to Due, which makes collecting and making payments from any device painless.

Smart features help you stay on top of invoice statuses, automate recurring invoices, and process funds from payments faster.

Beyond efficiency, Due keeps things flexible and safe – so whether you and your clients are using debit, credit, or account funds, financial data is encrypted and secure.

2. Never forget a password again with LastPass

lastpassImage Source

LastPass is a Google Chrome extension that packs a big punch for the office admin who has enough to remember as it is.

Use it as a vault to securely store passwords and share them among office employees.

Save even more time by storing payment information or addresses to populate forms in a single click.

3. Manage Projects in Taskworld

Taskworld.pngImage Source

Taskworld lets you organize office projects, break them into delegated tasks, chat with team members, and track progress in one seamless interface.

Google Drive and Dropbox integration make it easy to share files amongst team members, and smart features like task-based document management keep even the organizationally-impaired up to snuff.

4. Stay connected to your customers with Insightly

insightly.pngImage Source

As an admin, you know that diligent customer relationship management is vital to the health of your company. If you’re still stuck using a spreadsheet to track leads and partners, you’re risking oversight on valuable members of your community, and on useful data.

Insightly streamlines CRM by organizing contact information and opportunities in one place.

Generate reports and mass email templates in-app, and take advantage of Insightly’s neat integrations for email and social media to keep correspondence and contacts’ content in a single interface.

5. Keep employees well-fed and productive with Platterz


When employees are happy, productivity soars and office culture thrives.

Keep your team well-fed and content with Platterz, a free office catering platform that lets you easily order shareable food for your team from hundreds of top restaurants and caterers.

With awesome features like customized menus that can accommodate all dietary preferences, advanced order scheduling, and online invoice tracking, sharing an office lunch has never been so satisfying – or so effortless.

Have you had experience using these tools? Do you have other favourite tools you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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Going Green for Earth Day with Platterz

At Platterz, we think it’s up to everyone to do their part in making sure we protect the environment. Earth Day is a great reminder that going greener in the workplace isn’t just a way to be more responsible as an organization – it’s also a way to inspire your colleagues to take those principles home and strive towards a healthier planet every day.

Environmental responsibility is something we’ve made a commitment to uphold, which is why you can be confident that when you order with Platterz, you’re not only making the best office catering choice for your team – you’re also working with a team that cares.

Here are four reasons why using Platterz to order food for your next event will help you do your part towards lowering your company’s environmental footprint:

1. Go paperless with Platterz SpendTracker


Recycling is a good start, but have you ever thought about the carbon footprint of your office’s daily operations? According to data collected by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, every 100 paper invoices that are printed have the same impact on carbon footprint as driving 14 kilometres.


Platterz SpendTracker allows you to go fully paperless. It lets you see all paid and unpaid invoices in one location and gives you the ability to download invoices at your convenience. No more paper invoices!

2. Feed the whole office with a single delivery


If your employees are ordering their own takeout to the office, they’re multiplying the number of vehicles needed to keep the whole team fed and energized. Fewer cars on the road make for a happier planet, so ordering with Platterz for the whole office in one shot can make a big difference over time.

3. Choose from your city’s top sustainable food choices


From vegan and vegetarian foods that require fewer emissions to produce, to local and sustainably-sourced fare, there’s no shortage of delicious eco-friendly food choices on Platterz. Why not experiment with a Meatless Monday initiative to encourage your team to try out healthier, more sustainable food options? You just might find a new lunch favourite!

4. Make hardcopy takeout menus a thing of the past

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.38.40 PM

Trying to add variety to your team’s lunches can mean collecting hardcopy takeout menus that spend most of their time cluttering desk space. Worse, they often can’t be recycled because of the way the paper they’re printed on is processed. The solution? Do away with them completely and view hundreds of catering menus online easily with Platterz.


How is your office celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Cinco De Mayo Dishes to Spice Up Your Office

With Cinco De Mayo fast approaching, now is the time to prepare to liven up your office with an injection of vibrant and flavourful Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your Team Breakfast, Team Meeting, Executive Meeting, Team Lunch or Dessert, we have the perfect dish to make this May 5th one to remember!

Breakfast Burritos by McEwan for Your Team Breakfast

Inspired by everyone’s favourite Tex-Mex indulgence, McEwan’s take is a modern version of the beloved scrambled egg and meat combo. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, these breakfast burritos are a delicious way to kickstart your team’s Cinco De Mayo.

Guacamole by El Rincon Mexicano for Your Team Meeting

Who doesn’t love guacamole? El Rincon’s homemade tortilla chips served with guacamole and salsa are a great snack for any team meeting – especially on Cinco de Mayo.

Build Your Own Fajitas by Kiss The Cook Catering for Your Executive Meeting

Delight even the toughest-to-please execs with these classic fajitas from Kiss the Cook Catering. They’re spiced to perfection and served with all the fixings in a fresh, colourful spread. Bonus: dessert is included with this order!

Build Your Own Taco by Per Se Catering for Your Team Lunch

Your team will thank you for this popular build-your-own taco spread by Per Se Catering. Choose from savoury Mexican Steak or Chicken Tinga, and top with a medley of salsas and cremas to make the ideal custom taco; all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Churros by 10tation for Your Dessert

Crispy on the outside with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth inside, this irresistible Cinco De Mayo staple by 10tation is a must-have with a modern twist: coffee chocolate sauce. Order these churros to end any office occasion with a sweet twist. 

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5 Egg-cellent Easter Treats To Make Your Team Hop For Joy

Easter’s just a hop away, and in our office, we’ll take any excuse to indulge in delicious, local desserts. We think you should too!

That’s why we’re sharing 5 Egg-cellent Easter Treats for you and your team that will have them hopping in no time.

Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes by Sweets From The Earth

Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes from Sweets From The Earth

In the mood for something different? Sweets From The Earth’s deliciously dense vegan cupcakes get a pastel-pink, Easter-themed twist with sweet lavender icing that’s as tasty as it is pretty.

Macarons by en Ville

Macarons by en Ville

There’s no better way to impress than with these delicate, classic French cookies from en Ville. Beautiful pastel colours make them perfect for an Easter spread.

Petit Fours Platter by Art of Food

Petit Fours by Art of Food

Why put all your eggs in one basket? This assorted platter by Art of Food is sure to have something for everyone. Bite-size gourmet desserts make a perfect – and luxurious – treat.

Classic Carrot Cake by Dufflet 

Classic Carrot Cake by Dufflet

Nothing says “Easter” like the Easter Bunny’s favourite cake – carrot cake! This irresistibly decadent take on the classic carrot cake by Dufflet is sure to be a favourite for your team as well!

Mini Doughnut Pops by 10tation 

Mini Doughnut Pops from 10tation

Doughnuts are a crowd-pleaser as is, and this miniature take by 10tation is both dainty and delicious. Try out a platter for your Easter event!

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