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Year in Review: The Top 18 of 2018

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Just in time for the new year, we’ve rounded up this year’s most popular catering, craziest cravings and unexpected events. From the most loved Mexican restaurant on the platform, to liquid nitrogen snacks, check out the top 18 Platterz facts of 2018!

Drum roll please…

1) Number of Meals Served in 2018: 1.88 Million

Is it just us, or does the number 18 seem to be popular this year? Since January, Platterz has served more than 1.8 million (and counting) meals to offices across the continent.

2) Number of Offices Fed: 1,200+ Offices

We grew from 40 employees to 140, from the East coast to West coast, and boosted company culture in over 1,200 offices across North America. Imagine what we can do in 2019.

3) Top Cuisine: Mexican Food

From DIY taco bars to chips and guac, the office favourite cuisine goes to Mexican food, ordered more than any other type of food on Platterz (and there are hundreds to choose from)!


4) Most Creative Meal Combo:  Liquid Nitrogen Apple Fritters and Liquid Nitrogen S’mores

Yes, liquid nitrogen food is a real thing. One office even paired it with a cocktail mixology class for their team!

5) Top Event Type: Family-Style Lunch

People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we beg to differ! Taking a break in their day is when teams are happiest, and what’s more important than that?

6) Most Ordered Caterer: Craft Kitchen

From sandwiches and salads to platters and pastries, this Toronto-based corporate caterer was the most loved by you!

7) Top Dessert: Ice Cream Sandwiches

It may be chilly outside, but that’s not stopping us from dreaming about pralines & cream ice cream stuffed in an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. With the most ordered dessert going to ice cream sandwiches, it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping you either.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

8) Top Lunch: Greek Salad & Plates

Ios? Mykonos? Santorini? Rather than hop on a ferry, offices chose Greek cuisine as this year’s most frequently ordered lunch. If we weren’t already, now we’re really dreaming of a vacation.

9) Largest Offsite Event: 1,250 Guest Count

Between booking the venue, arranging rentals, planning the decor, and providing the catering (of course), Platterz Event Specialists made lasting memories for companies celebrating any special occasion this year!

10) Most Popular Office Snack: Branded Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with chocolate or vanilla, but there’s nothing like custom cupcakes baked just for your team, for any celebration.


11) Number of Orders For 1 Client: 2,620 Orders

To put it into perspective, that’s 7 orders per day over the span of 2018!

12) Most Unique Party Request: Dunk Tank

At Platterz, we stop at nothing to provide offices with their dream event. From bouncy castles to life-sized Jenga, we made it all happen, no matter how unexpected the request.

13) Top Food Trend: Poke Bowls

Fresh fish, seaweed salad and a little soy sauce go a long way for employees, and we have a feeling Poke isn’t just a fad.

Poke Bowl

14) Shortest Time Placing an Order: 8 Seconds

That’s really how fast you can check out an order on the platform. We’re not exaggerating.

15) Most Last-Minute Order: 45 Minutes in Advance

We received an email with a last-minute catering request for a meeting of 150 people. 45 minutes later, the food was delivered, served hot and ready to eat. True story.

16) Top Food Holiday: World Chocolate Day

Offices with a sweet tooth is a recurring theme, with World Chocolate Day being the busiest food holiday of the year, occurring on July 7.


17) NEW Lines of Code Written: 1,021,472

Not only did the Platterz’ Developer team grow 3x in size, the team wrote over 1 million new lines of code to make ordering on Platterz seamless!

18) Hungriest City in North America: Toronto, Canada

Torontonians sure do love to eat!

Thanks for a record-breaking 2018! Share Platterz’ roundup with your team, and place an order to hit the top of the charts for next year!

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8 Steps To The Perfect Office Holiday Party

The perfect office holiday party: it’s equal parts anticipation, amazing food and drinks, atmosphere, and… well, amazing food and drinks. For many teams around the city, the annual holiday party is something that’s looked forward to for months in advance – so the pressure is on! Just kidding – planning a get together that your team will truly enjoy doesn’t have to be stressful – and we happen to know our way around planning a good party. Read on for our tips for a smooth planning process and an event that’ll bolster your office hero cred even more.

1. Set your budget


Let’s start with the basics: figuring out a budget for your party might not be the most exciting step of planning, but it’s essential to making sure you can make the magic happen (while keeping your office’s finance manager happy). The right figure or range will vary for every office, but whatever you set, make sure that you use your budget to guide your expectations. Some of the best parties are the most simple, so don’t get discouraged if your budget is a little tight!

2. Be realistic


If a full-blown party isn’t financially or logistically feasible for your team right now, that’s ok! Opting to take your team out for a nice holiday dinner & drinks (or for bigger companies, arranging for team managers to host their employees by department) can be just as exciting, and will work wonders for making them feel appreciated and building new memories together.

3. Set the time + place


Before you can figure out the other practicalities, you’ll need to finalize the venue so that you can be sure of the date of your event.

Start with the numbers: to figure out how many people are attending, if you’re planning for a smaller company, you may opt to send a Doodle or Typeform with a few options for dates to get a gauge of when most people are available. For larger companies, it’s best to assume that everyone is coming and make adjustments later if necessary. Another consideration when it comes to nailing down the date is that Thursday and Friday tend to be the most popular days of the week for corporate holiday parties, so choosing another day might end up helping you shave off some costs. Make sure to account for plus ones if you decide they’re welcome!


Use your number of attendees to build a vision of what the day of your party will look like. Do you want a big, open space for people to walk around, mingle, and sample hors d’oeuvres? A cozier venue with more of a sit-down vibe? The venue will be the main factor when it comes to the ambiance of your party, so do your research before settling. Holding the party in your office might not be optimal (chances are your team will be able to unwind and enjoy themselves best if the reminders of all they have to do before the end of the year aren’t in sight!) but if nothing else really works, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

4. Get people excited!


You know how it is: people tend to be super busy with family around the holidays, and nothing spoils the mood quite like a low turnout – so make sure to send out a save the date as soon as possible! We like keeping it simple with Google Calendar, but there are plenty of other great free options for sending invitations online, like Punchbowl.

This is also a good time to ask for attendees’ dietary restrictions, if you don’t already have them.

5. Pick the perfect menu


If your team is anything like ours, here’s the star of the show – the thing that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come. The one, the only: the food. Whether you want to keep things traditional with a roast-and-all-the-fixings type of meal, or you want to experiment with something modern and fresh like sushi, or a sampling trendy foods from around your city, Platterz has you covered. Browse through hundreds of caterers and restaurants or choose from customized meal recommendations on our website. Having trouble finding the *perfect* menu? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you make it happen.

6. Make sure the drinks are flowing


Obviously, celebratory drinks are in order for the occasion, and a full mobile bar service doesn’t have to break the bank. Enter Sip Bar. They can work with parties of almost any size to customize a selection of craft wine, beer, and spirits that’ll impress your guests and be the perfect complement to an evening of indulging in yummy food. Don’t stress about figuring out the quantities you should order, either; Sip Bar will work with you to help determine the right quantity of drinks for your event.

7. Keep your guests entertained


A Spotify playlist? A paid magician? How you choose to entertain your guests through the night will depend on your team’s taste, your budget, and how many more jokes by Jim-from-Legal’s-cousin-the-comedian you can tolerate. Make sure to think about what kind of ambiance you think fits your office dynamic, and choose something you think people would really enjoy! There’s no pressure to hire a DJ if you don’t think people will dance.

8. Save the memories


The final touch? Make sure that your attendees have a way to make the memories last! We’re planning on laying out a disposable camera at each table at our holiday party and letting our guests tell the story of the event themselves. You could also consider setting up a photo booth complete with hilarious holiday-themed props, so whether you choose to go to the professional or do-it-yourself route, you’re guaranteed photos that’ll be worthy of the office fridge.

Now that you’re all prepped with what you need for the perfect holiday party, let Platterz plan it for you! The best part? Services are complimentary. Book a consultation with our Event Specialists today to get started on the party of the season.

Booyah Ice cream
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Booyah: A One of a Kind Ice Cream Experience

Growing up in a house that was known by family and friends as “The Carnival”, it comes as no surprise that 24-year-old Blair Mincer, started his own ice cream and catering business inspired by his childhood. When asked why he opened Booyah Inc., Blair explains, “who doesn’t love ice cream? Everyone always comes in a good mood for ice cream”. Having always been a big dessert fan, it was an easy decision for Blair to open Booyah when he was looking for something to do during his summers off of school. Booyah, a gourmet ice cream shop, opened four years ago and is already a Toronto favourite.

“Everyone always comes in a good mood for ice cream.”

ice-cream cones

Using bits and pieces of Blair’s youth to influence his shop, Booyah felt like a childhood dream. With the smell of freshly baked cookies, sprinkle-covered ice cream cones, a soft serve ice cream machine (which Blair’s family had in his house growing up), and a large neon sign that spells out “BOOYAH”, we were so excited to learn about Blair and his catering business (and eat some ice cream too)!

“I knew right there. It was a sign.”

homemade cookies

The shop’s name, Booyah originated from a family friend who always shouted “Booyah” when playing board games together. Searching for the perfect name for his ice cream shop, Blair spoke with a friend of his dad’s, who out-of-the-blue suggested “Booyah”—a word that had already come to mean something in the Mincer household. “I knew right there. It was a sign,” remarks Blair.

neon booyah sign

“Some of our ice cream is Kawartha Dairy, and some I make myself.”

Having gone to school for political science and accounting, Blair landed himself in an unexpected yet exciting career; he is both a business owner and a self-taught ice cream expert. “Some of our ice cream is Kawartha Dairy, and some I make myself.” And, if anyone knows Kawartha Dairy ice cream… you know we’re talking serious ice cream quality. “I read a lot of textbooks about ice cream,” says Blair about his 25 (and counting) original ice cream flavours (including vegan flavours). He experiments with different recipes to create the “not-so-typical ice cream flavours” such as Strawberry Balsamic, Corn on the Cob, and Earl Grey.

“My ice cream has only 8 ingredients in it…”

ice cream scoop

“My ice cream has only 8 ingredients in it, and is not a list of 50 ingredients. It was important to me that I can pronounce all the ingredients I use in my ice cream.” Blair gave us a bit of an ice cream chemistry lesson as well; “ice cream has different qualities, by percent of fat, and I knew I wanted to be at the top. Super premium product has more fat than sugar, and my ice cream is at around 18-19% fat with 7-8% sugar.” You taste fats. When you pick up a bucket of regular ice cream and my ice cream, mine is about double the weight,” he explains as he speaks to the delicious creamy quality of his ice cream.

“I’ve had a lot of business I wouldn’t have had without the platform.”

ice cream cookie sandwich

Booyah joined Platterz this past May. “I’ve had a lot of business I wouldn’t have had without the platform,” explains Blair. “I don’t have to worry about collecting money, or any outstanding balances. It’s all taken care of by Platterz.” His most popular items through our catering platform are the ice cream sandwich platters, and has accommodated corporate events anywhere from 20 to 350 people through our platform. Booyah is able to cater over one thousand ice cream sandwiches at once (we’re drooling at the thought of what over 1000+ ice cream sandwiches would look and taste like).

Booyah ice cream sandwich platter

With our minds full of joy after hearing Booyah’s story, and our stomachs full of ice cream, we left Booyah pretty happy. Blair is right—everyone is in a good mood when ice cream is involved.

Thinking of hosting an ice cream party at your office? Order Booyah and bring some whimsical, ice cream magic to your team!

top hat daily lunches
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The Platterz Effect: How Daily Lunches Feed Top Hat’s Culture

Top Hat, an education technology company, uses Platterz to order daily lunches for their constantly growing team of 320. We went to Top Hat to learn about their team, their company, and their time with Platterz!

Arriving just before lunch, we were welcomed into their bright, wide-open space. Their office was designed to encourage collaboration; on the layout of their space, Lydia, a Top Hat Office Coordinator explains: “There are no closed doors.” It was clear from the get-go that office culture is a priority for Top Hat—something we can definitely relate to here at Platterz.

open collaborative space

As two Toronto-based startups in the tech industry, we have had a long-lasting collaborative relationship with Top Hat, who has used our office catering platform since we first launched. Top Hat is the provider of the leading cloud-based teaching platform for higher education. Top Hat’s mission is to make higher education more effective, affordable, and engaging. One of the ways they accomplish this is by making textbooks, test materials, and educational content right in the palm of students’ hands. “Students are on their phones anyway, so why don’t we just put the content right in front of them,” says Office Manager, Russ. He mentions that they designed their lunchroom to “make it more like school. Everyone comes down to eat together, no matter what department or floor. Everyone has room to eat together.”

daily lunches

“Hardly anyone ever leaves the office for lunch. Why would you ever need to go to a restaurant, if you know you’re getting delicious food at the office everyday?”

At Platterz, we are strong believers that when teams come together over shared meals, they’re happier, healthier, and more productive. Speaking to Top Hat’s lunch culture, Lydia emphasizes that “hardly anyone ever leaves the office for lunch. Why would you ever need to go to a restaurant, if you know you’re getting delicious food at the office everyday? Even if team members have lunch meetings they will ask if they can bring [external] people into the office for food.” Bringing lunch meetings in to the office to avoid missing out on delicious meals? We want in too!

“I think it’s those little things that make a big difference for employees.”

sharing meals

“I think it’s those little things that make a big difference for employees. They enjoy coming to work, and they feel provided for which incentivizes them to keep working really hard,” Lydia says. Platterz is here to make offices more human, so it was especially exciting for us to hear that this has been the case for Top Hat.

“We know how stressful it is to order food [just] one day for 300 people, whereas doing it every single day takes a lot—it takes a team, and it takes a platform.”

Lydia explains how hers and Russ’s positions are all encompassing, and that ordering food is made easy with our platform, taking a stressor off their plate; “We always joke that we do everything (we’re like plumbers, nurses, whatever it is, we do it), so if we also had to order food everyday and make sure that all allergies and tastes were catered to, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off as smoothly as Platterz does.” Russ adds, “We know how stressful it is to order food [just] one day for 300 people, whereas doing it for daily lunches takes a lot—it takes a team, and it takes a platform.”

top hat employees eating

We want to thank Top Hat so much for hosting us over their lunch hour. We loved getting to know their team better and seeing first-hand how Platterz has contributed to a positive work environment for their employees!

Interested in having Platterz cater to your office (daily lunches, food trucks, happy hours, etc.)? Be sure to create an event now! 

Healthy Salads
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Café Neon’s Healthy Catering Infuses Greek Heritage Into Every Bite

“In Greece, every village has a cafeneon, where all the locals gather to eat. A day doesn’t go by without going there.”

Walking into Café Neon, we were transported to a Greek café right by the Mediterranean sea. With brightly patterned walls, music beating, and the fresh smell of coffee, we felt far away. It didn’t feel like a Tuesday, or the beginning of a work week. It felt like we were in a small town in Greece—a place full of life and culture. We sat down with Greek owner Niki Tsourounakis at Café Neon, to hear her story and learn about her restaurant-catering business.

Veggie Platter

Named after the Greek traditional meeting spot, “cafeneon”, Niki wanted to bring a piece of Mediterranean culture to Toronto. “In Greece, every village has a cafeneon, where all the locals gather to eat. A day doesn’t go by without going there”, mentions Niki. Cafeneons bring people together over food—which at Platterz, we know a little something about. “I loved the feeling that they exuded. It was a local spot, and you met your relatives and friends, and caught up on the day’s events” Niki explains. Upon opening her restaurants and catering business, Niki wanted to bring this exact feeling to Café Neon and its cocktail counterpart, Bar Neon.

Being born into three family restaurants, Niki always felt at home in the kitchen. “I just had it in me”, she says. “I learned so much being in the restaurants. I learned how to cook by watching the chefs in the kitchen. I still have visions of how they prepared things to this day.”

Freshly baked croissants

“This is what I should be doing. It’s my passion.”

Despite her family history in the restaurant industry, Niki wanted to do something different. “I thought I wanted to leave the restaurant industry to challenge myself more. I went to school for forensic psychology. I wanted to be a criminal profiler.” After going through schooling for forensic psychology, Niki purchased a property and rented it out to a budding chef. “Watching him cook re-inspired me, and brought it back out of me. I thought to myself, what am I doing? This is what I should be doing. It’s my passion.” Stemming from this realization, Niki started participating in catering events, cooking out of her small apartment.

“I just dreamt it. I thought, this is going to be the place, this is perfect.”

Keeping busy with small-scale catering events, Niki was approached to do an office launch party for 300 people. Seemingly an ambitious undertaking, Niki was ready for the challenge. “I was cooking out of my tiny loft, but I never say no to anything.” Inspired by the neighbourhood of the event, she ended up finding a vacant space online, which would become Café Neon. “I just dreamt it. I thought, this is going to be the place, this is perfect.” Café Neon opened shortly thereafter in 2011, and just six months later, Niki opened Bar Neon. She now operates the business with her partner Katy Chan, who is a Stratford trained chef. 

Oatmeal Cookies Behind Glass

“We like to stick to simple ingredients, and letting them shine. Less is more.”

With a healthy Mediterranean fusion menu, Café Neon’s food is made from scratch. “One of our biggest mantras is that we don’t use anything that’s processed and we use mostly organic ingredients. We make everything.” Niki is proud of the ingredients she and her team uses, and even imports her family’s olive oil from Greece. “It tastes like liquid-gold.” She mentions how eating healthy is important to her, and how this is incorporated into her catering. “We like to stick to simple ingredients and let them shine. Less is more.” 

Café Neon signed on with Platterz about a year ago. On working with Platterz, Niki says “it feels like having an extra team member.” We work with our vendors daily to make sure that they feel like they are a part of our family, so it was extra exciting to hear Niki say that she feels like we are a part of her team.

In terms of opportunity, Niki reflected on how her business has recently evolved. “We’re catering to people we would’ve never approached. We don’t really advertise that we cater, and we don’t really have to because of Platterz. They’ve opened a lot of avenues for us, and are allowing us to grow at a much faster pace.”

Cafe Neon

After hearing about Niki, her Greek heritage, and how the kitchen is Niki’s natural habitat, our admiration for Café Neon instantly grew. This is why we love meeting our vendors—their stories and the care they put into their food is truly inspiring. We felt very at home during our time at Café Neon, and love the way Niki’s passion for food comes through in her catering. If your team is in need of some healthy comfort food, Cafe Neon has got you covered!

Take a look at their menu on Platterz and be sure to let us know what you think!

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7 Valentine’s Day Treats Your Office Will Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re here to help you plan a lovey V-Day event to let everyone in your office know just how much they’re appreciated.

It goes without saying that delicious snacks are the key to your employees’ hearts… so we compiled a list of the sweetest treats that are sure to spread love in your office this Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day Pastries by Dufflet

Dufflet has all the decadent and divine Valentine’s Day staples you’re looking for this year, ranging from classic heart-shaped butter cookies to Valentine’s-themed chocolate fudge tarts!

2. Beer Sessions, Wine & Spirits Bar by SIPBAR

Pour a little love into your employees’ glasses this Valentine’s day with a visit from SIPBAR, a pop-up bar service for all occasions. Their team will customize cocktails and beverages for any function; we’re thinking pink and red drinks for Valentine’s Day!

3. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries by Fresh & Wild

It doesn’t get more timeless than this. These beautiful long-stemmed strawberries dipped in a bittersweet dark chocolate are a classic crowd-pleaser that will have everyone in the office asking for seconds.

4. Valentine’s Tray by The Chocolate Messenger

This tray from The Chocolate Messenger will have your entire office swooning over their milk chocolate-covered almonds, almond bark, strawberry and raspberry truffles, dipped Valentine’s pretzels, and mini hearts.

5. Valentine’s Dessert Cups by Junked Food Co.

These Valentine’s Dessert Cups from Junked Food Co. include a base of cake and icing layered with a lovely mixture of treats throughout including cinnamon hearts, chocolates and sweethearts. Yum!

6. Chocoberry Popcorn by Toronto Popcorn Company

This handcrafted gourmet Chocoberry Popcorn is the perfect combination of chocolate and strawberry flavours that imitates the taste of fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. Surprise your co-workers on Valentine’s Day with a bowl full of Chocoberry Popcorn as a quick and delicious snack for your next meeting.

7. Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches Sweet Sammies

Your team will love these heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches from Sweet Sammies. They come in a variety of delicious flavours including Red Velvet with Coconut Cheesecake Ice Cream, Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, and Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

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The 10 Most Popular Toronto Office Caterers of 2017

2017 was another big year for Platterz, but as always, we couldn’t have done it alone! We owe a big thank you to the 389 Toronto-based caterers who worked around the clock to provide amazing experiences and delicious cuisine to all of our customers across the city. Special thanks to the 284 new caterers that joined the Toronto Platterz family in 2017!

To help you get some new and exciting ideas for places to order from in 2018, we dug into our order data to share with you the top caterers and dishes of 2017:

10. California Sandwiches

Known For: Hearty Italian Sandwiches
Most Popular Dish: Chicken Sandwich with Cheese

Legendary Toronto-based Italian sandwich shop California Sandwiches are back on our list this year serving up the most delicious Italian meat and veggie sandwiches in the city. Be warned – these sandwiches are HUGE, but don’t worry, we’re sure they’ll leave everybody in your office feeling nice and full! If you’re ordering for larger parties, we recommend trying their Stuffed Pasta Shells or Veal Lasagna.

9. Mika

Known For: Healthy Homestyle Dishes
Most Popular Dish: Lemon Chicken

Mika does healthy home cooking and baking from scratch with flavours that borrow from Mediterranean, Israeli and Middle Eastern influences. If your office appreciates high quality cuisine made from fresh ingredients, Mika’s unique menu is sure to appease their taste buds.

8. King Catering

Known For: Explosive Caribbean Flavours
Most Popular Dish: Big King Lunch

Spice up your next office event with some bold flavours from the Caribbean! King Catering is known for their Big King Lunch special that includes a flavourful assortment of mains, sides and salads. If you need some help with your next order, our customers have been loving King’s Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas and Coleslaw.

7. en Ville

Known For: High-end Catering
Most Popular Dish: Continental Breakfast

For over thirty years, en Ville has been recognized as one of Toronto’s most premium caterers. Their attention to detail and sophisticated menus are perfect for events of all shapes and sizes, from large corporate events to small office lunches. Surprise your staff with en Ville’s famous Continental Breakfast. There is no better way to start your morning than with this fresh mix of muffins, croissants and danishes.

6. Boccone

Known For: Traditional European Style Deli and Pizza
Most Popular Dish: Assorted Focaccia Sandwiches

Boccone proves that you can still get top quality Italian delicatessen at very reasonable prices. This traditional European style deli offers an assortment of freshly made focaccia sandwiches, pizzas and pastas that will have your entire team saying mamma mia! Their popular Assorted Focaccia Sandwich platter includes options like Grilled Vegetable, Chicken, Turkey, Ham and Prosciutto.

5. Per Se Catering

Known For: Presentation and Quality
Most Popular Dish: Assorted Sandwich Platter

Per Se is a top-notch caterer best known for using only the finest ingredients and putting the utmost precision in every culinary creation. When you need an entertaining and memorable twist at your next corporate event, Per Se’s beautiful food stations are sure to leave a lasting impression. Our customers have been loving their Grilled Cheese and Poutine Stations.

4. Thai Room

Known For: Authentic Thai and Malaysian Cuisine
Most Popular Dish: Famous Pad Thai

Thai Room is universally loved by Thai food lovers first time triers alike. If you’re looking for authentic Thai & Malaysian cuisine, Thai Room has you covered. We recommend their Famous Pad Thai. It comes in a gigantic portion that’s jam packed with flavour. The best part? Their affordable menu can accommodate mostly every budget!

3. Mezes

Known For: Traditional Greek Family Recipes
Most Popular Dish: Chicken Souvlaki

Mezes is a one stop shop if you’re looking for authentic Greek fare in the heart of the Danforth. Each bite transports you straight to the heart of Greece with its robust flavours and traditional spices. We hear nothing but the best feedback from our customers about their Chicken Souvlaki and Elliniki Salad.

2. Craft Kitchen

Known For: Fresh and Delicious Food
Most Popular Dish: Continental Breakfast Platter

Craft Kitchen serves up grab-and-go eats such as sandwiches, wraps and salads, plus a variety of breakfast bites. They practise what they preach with their motto being “Keep it fresh. Keep it delicious” and their flexible menu is able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Their popular Continental Breakfast Platter includes everything you need to start your day such as bagels, muffins, croissants and coffee.

1. What A Bagel

Known For: Fresh Bagels and Sandwiches
Most Popular Dish: Assorted Sandwich Platter

What a year it has been for What A Bagel! They were the most ordered caterer on Platterz in 2017, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down in the new year. Their Assorted Sandwich Platter includes a generous offering of WAB’s mouth-watering signature sandwiches that the whole office is sure to love. What A Bagel is a must-try caterer for any occasion and their friendly staff always tries their best to accommodate shorter notice orders.