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Emergency Zen: 4 Yoga Stretches to Practice at Your Desk

Read Time: 3 Min

While we should all aspire to have excellent posture, a perfectly ergonomic workstation, and find time to do a breathe exercise during the day, the reality is that our jobs get in the way. To remain zen, relieve stress and help you recharge, here are some yoga moves to keep you upright. Brownie points to those starting off team meetings with a group stretch!

Twist it Out

Seated twist

Plant your feet on the floor and sit up tall. Place your right hand on your outer left knee and twist your torso to the left.  As you inhale, sit up taller and as you exhale, rotate your ribs and shoulders to the left. Keep your right hip back as you turn. Take three deep breaths, then switch sides. You will know you are stretching too far if you can’t keep a steady breath and can see all the way to Martha in accounting.

Pigeon in a Chair

Seated pigeon

Start with both feet flat on the ground and place your left ankle just above your right knee. Maintain a straight back and flex your left foot. If you don’t feel a stretch, lean forward with your torso—we’re not talking head on your keyboard, just a slight stretch—without tilting to either side. Hold for five deep breaths, then switch sides.

Crescent Moon For Desk Neck

Crescent Moon

With arms over your head, place your palms together with your fingers stretched wide. Lean to the left for three deep breaths while keeping your shoulders down. As you inhale, lengthen your spine, and as you exhale continue to deepen the delicious stretch (sorry, we talk in ‘food’ here at Platterz). Feel the release of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Cow Face Clasp

Cow Clasp

With a bent elbow, take your left arm behind your head as you bring your right arm to your upper back. Bring your hands together if you can. If you can’t, move them towards each other and think about that lengthy to-do-list for an extra push (just kidding, this should be a small stretch!). Hold for three deep breaths and switch sides.

Hungry for more wellness in the office? Try desk pilates, a deep breathing practice, and décor for your desk.

Work up an appetite? Keep the zen going with some healthy eats; try a delicious salad, fresh poke or an acai bowl.


Unicorn Sprinkle Cupcakes
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Unicorn Magic Awaits at Toronto’s CutiePie Cupcakes

READ TIME: 4 min

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Cotton candy, cupcakes, sprinkles, happiness, and unicorns. CutiePie Cupcakes—a magical Toronto cupcake shop—is unlike any other cupcake shop we’ve seen before. CutiePie Cupcakes opened in 2009 and has infused unicorns and happiness into their menu, all the while playing rap music, in a bright pink bakery located in Toronto’s downtown core.

CutiePie Menu

CutiePies are “cute little cupcakes inspired by your favourite pies, treats, and desserts—that’s why they’re called CutiePies,” explains owner Melanie as she speaks to the store concept. “I thought of combining fun flavours, classic desserts, and items that really hit home with people, and turning them into mini cupcakes.” The idea began with CutiePies and the menu has since expanded into ChubbyPies and WhoopiePies, with gluten free and vegan-friendly options. Not-to-mention the Latte-Pie, which quickly became known as the “Unicorn Latte” by local customers.

“People have come in from all over the world to try it”.

The Unicorn Latte has received international attention—having come out before the Starbucks infamous Unicorn Frappuccino. “People have come in from all over the world to try it,” says Melanie. We’ll admit, it’s most definitely taste-test approved by the Platterz team!

“It’s all about connecting with people—a box of cupcakes is designed to be shared.”

World Famous Unicorn Latte
“I think dessert is something that makes people feel good and happy,” explains Melanie. “It’s all about connecting with people—a box of cupcakes is designed to be shared.” This point hit home with us at Platterz as our mantra is to connect people over shared food experiences (including cupcakes). “Dessert in general lightens the mood and brings people together,” says Melanie. We couldn’t agree more!


CutiePie Cupcakes exudes happiness and colour amidst their treats and in-store experience. From their “Happiness Wall” (where visitors write about what brings them happiness) to a magical unicorn wishing globe (where all your dreams come true) CutiePie Cupcakes is more than a cupcake shop; it provides an enchanting experience for customers.

“Music is number one.”

Happiness Wall

The magic begins early every morning, when the bakers arrive at the shop, and turn on rap music. “Music is number one,” says Melanie. As a proud Toronto bakeshop, CutiePie cupcakes often listens to Drake’s latest hits. “One of our hashtags is ‘#champagnecutie’, as a play on Drake’s social media persona ‘Champagne Papi’.” When asked if Drake has come into the store, Melanie remarks, “not yet”. So, Drake, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late—you can head over to CutiePie Cupcakes at 235 Spadina Road, Toronto. You will have the most magical cupcake experience yet (we promise)!

“It’s been awesome working with Platterz. It’s a great platform to connect us with the people [who] we want to see our menu and products. It extends our reach.”

CutiePie and ChubbyPie

“It’s been awesome working with Platterz. It’s a great platform to connect us with the people [who] we want to see our menu and products. It extends our reach,” Melanie says. The CutiePies and ChubbyPies are the most popular items on the Platterz platform, and you can seriously taste the happiness in each bite!

CutiePie Cupcakes Owner Melanie
Spread the happiness and bring people together over some unicorn magic in your office.


For behind the scenes footage from our shoot, check out our Instagram page highlights!


Instagram: @cutiepiecupcakes_to


City: Toronto, Ontario